Whats wrong with current solutions?


Next.js’s non-typesafe routing can lead to runtime errors and make it difficult to catch routing-related issues during development, as it relies on string literals instead of type-safe constructs.

Search Params

from tanstack/router:

Traditional Search Param APIs usually assume a few things:

  • Search params are always strings
  • They are mostly flat
  • Serializing and deserializing using URLSearchParams is good enough (Spoiler alert: it’s not, it sucks)

Typesafety Isn’t Optional

How does next-typesafe-url solve these problems?

  • Fully typesafe routing- all the way from the route, to the route params, to the search params
  • Search params are JSON-first, so you can pass strings, numbers, booleans, nulls, and even nested objects and arrays
  • Search and route params are validated at runtime using zod, so you can be sure that the data you get matches the schema you expect

Let's begin!

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